Monday, December 10, 2018
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Business benefits

tubeWhen Southwark businesses team up with local schools it's not just the students who benefit. The business partner stands to gain too.

For students the benefits of working with business people are obvious.

They learn about the skills and attitudes required by employers. It opens their eyes to new possibilities.

But working with Southwark schools is great for businesses too.

Life-long learning

Through our projects we can help your business:

  • enhance its standing in the local community
  • develop employees' communication, leadership and teamwork skills
  • play an active part in the future of Southwark
  • enjoy the satisfaction of helping young people reach their potential.

Schools and businesses may seem worlds apart, but they're often closely tied by the common goal of promoting achievement, personal development and life-long learning.

"I've learned a lot from keeping in touch with the community in a way I wouldn't do otherwise."

Business partner

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